Inventory Preparation

   Properly organizing your items for the sale will make it easier for you and for 3 Little Monkeys volunteers at check-in.  It helps if you have gathered all of your items into one area and grouped them by categories.  It is easiest to enter like items in the online inventory system at the same time as you have to make fewer changes to the inventory fields. You will also need to have supplies handy like clear plastic bags, tape, zip ties, card stock, etc. Information on item limits, what we accept in general, what we accept seasonally and how to prepare those items is as follows:



 We accept ALL seasons clothing items.  We have a $2.00 minimum price.  If your item isn't valued at $2.00,  please pair it with another clothing item.  For example, a Carters onesie will probably not sell for $2.00 by itself, but 2,3 or more will sell for that price.  Keep in mind that outfits and sets sell better.  You are welcome to mix brands in order to make an outfit.  Check your items over carefully for issues including, but not limited to, excessive fading or pilling, stains, frays, missing buttons, dated, etc.  We have to be selective in what we accept.  Please do not waste the time, materials, and energy on items that you believe will be turned away. When entering your items, put exact sizes.  If the shirt is a 6 month, please select 3-6 month category. If you are mixing any sizes, please note that in the description field. All clothing items need to be on hangers.  Do not bag ANY clothing items.  We will no longer return hangers, so make sure that you collect them throughout the year.  Looking at the front of the item on the hanger, the top of the hanger should look like the top of a question mark.  We allow our consignors to tag items using safety pins or tagging guns.  If you are using a tagging gun, it is important that you are careful where you tag.  Putting it right through the middle of the material will leave a hole that will not fill in.  You need to make sure that you are tagging into a seam. Pants are best hung with pant hangers, but as any long term consignor knows, they are not easy to find.  You are welcome to safety pin your pants to wire hangers, but please pin them on the top bar on each side of the hook.  If you pin them to the bottom bar, they slide and don't show well. Please see photos below for the best way to hang and tag clothing items.

 As noted earlier, sets are always more popular.  You can hang a top and bottom on one hanger.  If you are using two or more hangers, please secure the hangers together so that the pieces do not become separated.  A cable or zip tie is the best way to attach hangers together. 

How to hang and tag items

Hanging and Tagging



Hanging and Tagging



Hanging and Tagging



Hanging and Tagging



Hanging and Tagging



Hanging and Tagging




 We are very picky on shoes.  Shoes must be in like new or excellent used condition.  When preparing shoes, please take the time to clean them both on the top and on the bottom.  It is always a good idea to put them through the wash or take the time to clean and shine them. We accept newborn shoes up to adult size 8.  Adult sized shoes must be styles that are appropriate for children to wear. Shoes need to be secured together.  You can pin them, tie the laces, or zip tie them together.  Infant sized shoes can be bagged together with the tag taped to the inside or attached to the outside of the bag.  Do not seal the bag until after the shoes have been inspected at drop off. Photo of correctly tagged shoes you can see above.

Toys and Games

 Toys are popular year round at our sale.  All toys must have all of their parts and be in working order.  If they require batteries to work, they must come to drop off with working batteries in them already.  If your toy has additional parts, please feel free to bag the parts and attach them securely to the large part of the toy.  You can tape your tag to the inside of the bag, but do not seal the bag until your item has been inspected at drop off. Games MUST include all pieces AND the directions and be in their original box. If you have lost the directions, you can normally look them up on the manufacturer website and print a new set of game rules.  There is nothing more frustrating then buying an incomplete toy or game.  Do not try to pass something off as complete when you know that it is not.  It is YOUR responsibility to make sure that all pieces have been included. If you have smaller items such as action figures, infant toys, ect., please feel free to bag a group of them together.  You can tape your tag to the inside of the bag, but please do not seal the bag until it has been inspected at drop off. We have had to cut back on types of stuffed animals that we accept.  We now only accept easily recognizable characters(Elmo, Mickey Mouse, etc.), Build a Bear animals, and animals that do something like talk, play music, etc. 

Books, Puzzles, DVDs, Video Games, Computer Software

 Check your items over carefully.  Video Games and Computer Software must be in good, working condition.  Count your puzzle pieces to make sure that all are included in the box.  Check your books to make sure that there are no torn pages or pages that have been written on.  Make sure that your DVDs are working and not scratched up and that they are in their original cases. Please be careful in tagging these items.  If you use the incorrect tape on books and puzzles, it can pull the picture off, destroying the item.  If you have to tape your tag directly to the item, please make sure that it will not damage the item.  Scotch Tape or Painter's tape will work best. If you are grouping items such as books, DVDs, puzzles, etc. together in a plastic bag, please tape the tag to the inside of the bag.  Do not seal the bag closed until it has been inspected at drop off. 


 We are making some changes to bedding requirements in order to increase their chance of selling.  We will no longer accept homemade blankets, including crocheted and tied fleece.  We also do not accept the free receiving blankets that you get from the hospital. We are asking our consignors to create bedding sets.  For example, sell crib sheets in sets of two or three.  Pair a dust ruffle with a matching sheet.  Pair multiple receiving blankets together.  If the items can be hung, please do that.  Smaller bedding pieces do not sell well in plastic bags.  New with tag bedding items can be sold as individual items as long as they are in their original packaging.  If you are selling a crib set, toddler set, etc.  It is preferred that you use a giant, clear plastic bag.  Do not seal the bag until it has been inspected at drop off.  It would also help to sell your set if you are able to tape a picture of the complete set onto the bag. 

Infant Equipment

 Equipment is a big seller at our sale, but it is important that your equipment is EXTREMELY CLEAN and in working order.  We accept strollers, infant carriers, slings, backpacks, nursing pillows, play gyms, high chairs, bouncers, swings, bathtubs, potty chairs, play centers, excersaucers, car seats, walkers and anything else that would qualify as infant equipment. It is VERY important that you check on recalls for these items.  Please Click Here to go to 3 Little Monkeys page and search engine on Product Recalls. 


 Children's furniture is also in demand.  We accept cribs, cradles, play yards, bassinets, changing tables, dressers, bookshelves, armories  desks, table and chair sets, gliders, rocking chairs, toddler, beds and twin beds including bunk beds. You will be responsible for putting your furniture items together at drop off. There was a huge recall of cribs in the spring of 2011, so please make sure that your crib was not a part of that recall.  We do not accept any drop side cribs. 

Outdoor play equipment and large toys

Outdoor play equipment and toys need to be reasonably clean and drained of water. Our customers love to see swings, slides, sand boxes, play houses, water tables, ride-on toys, bikes, trikes, wagons, tables, play kitchens, work benches, etc. Please make sure that you have all pieces. A little time with a Magic Eraser will make the item looking as good as new. 

What We Will NOT Accept


  • Breast Pumps
  • Recalled items
  • Items that are not tagged correctly
  • Clothing items that do not meet our standards due to being out of season, out of style, or flawed in any way
  • Shoes that do not meet our standards
  • Homemade blankets and hospital receiving blankets
  • Diaper bags that are given away for free from formula companies
  • Single bedding items
  • Out of date car seats
  • Toys that do not work or are missing parts
  • Happy Meal toys
  • Equipment or toys that do not have working batteries.  This does not apply to items that are new in box.
  • Random stuffed animals
  • VHS tapes
  • Used underwear
  • Used twin/full sheets unless they are with a bedding set(comforter/duvet/shams, etc.)
  • Vacation t shirts
  • Holiday tshirts that have a year on them that is not the current year

Do you still have questions?

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